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Last Update: May 18, 2018


  • What is Skyzone ?

      Skyzone is a service to give best privacy and security for your internet activity. We are strongly determined to give you anonymity and security the best we can. It is available as an app named Skyzone Appolo which is supported for multiple platform such as Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS.

  • Why I need Skyzone ?
    • + If you are concerned about your privacy, we are capable to protect you from any other irresponsible parties to get your credential (e.g. financial, bank, social media, etc.)
    • + You will also be able to hide your real IP address and browse the internet anonymously
    • + It is also capable to unblock and access your favorite websites and social media platform
    • + With premium features such as multihop, you will get more privacy in your activity
    • + You are also assured to get any other access to different locations
  • How to Get Skyzone Appolo?

      Skyzone is available in PlayStore and AppStore for your mobile devices. It is free for download. We also provide simple tutorial for your Windows and Mac OS Personal Computers. Visit our site at to get them.


    Different Bandwidth on different location – can I really do anything

  • Why I get different Bandwidth when connecting to different locations?

      You may find some locations have different speeds than the others. We try to deal that various countries come with different policy and bandwidth to use, as different countries have different average bandwidth to the others. Some locations are faster than the others, but we provide the best services for you.

  • With this anonymity, can I really do anything I want?


      Skyzone is never ever meant to be created for crime or other rights violation purpose. We are strongly against any kinds of crimes.


    we are gladly received your payment via wired transfer. Our team is working to receive payment using any other popular payment methods

  • What kind of payment is available to subscribe Skyzone ?

      You are free to choose to pay using wired transfer if you are comfortable for transfer via bank account or you can do it via online payment which is Paypal account

  • How many devices I can use for my Skyzone account?

      Free users are free to download as many as they want in their multiple devices with basic service. You can download Skyzone Appolo in your Android phone or iOS while you can use it as well on the other platforms

      On the other hand, every premium account will give 5 voucher codes to be used in different or unique devices with the premium services for every single of them.

  • How to Subscribe and Get the benefits of Premium Services Skyzone ?
    • + Go to this page to get your Skyzone. We offer you free use of Skyzone Appolo service with all security features and privacy protection
    • + Join us in page You can then get more protection by upgrading to Premium protection and choose Subscription plan which suits best to you and your can get up to 30% discount for subscription

    How to ask other questions

  • My Questions is not in the list, how can I ask another questions?

      Contact us via email to info_skyzone[at]